CRT: The latest word from the edge
DIRECT CONNECTION: Giving the term "on-line" a whole new meaning
YOU'RE IT: Artist Eduardo Kac is permanently tagged

Neurologist Dr. Philip Kennedy has invented a method to create a DIRECT CONNECTION between the human brain and a computer. This got cybernetics Professor Kevin Warwick excited about his next implant experiment planned for 2001. Who's getting the implant? Warwick himself, of course. Artist Eduardo Kac performed a microchip implant in 1997 without the intention of becoming a cyborg. Instead, Kac's artwork "Time Capsule" explores complex issues surrounding implants YOU'RE IT live on the evening news ... who will be on the other end of the terminal? Meet the people who are building our future on the CRT where they give FutureCulture a piece of their minds.

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